The Boechler Research Group is led by Prof. Nicholas Boechler in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

Throughout history, discoveries of materials with new properties have enabled significant technological leaps. Within this context, using a combined experimental, computational, and analytical approach, we strive to uncover new understanding that enables the design of materials with extraordinary properties. Currently, we are focused on materials wherein new mechanical properties are achieved by manipulating the propagation of stress waves via designed microstructure and strong nonlinearities, and have particular interest in the dynamics of self-assembled systems. Other topics of recent interest include the dynamics of soft materials prone to instability, photo-elastically tunable materials, and mechanochemically responsive polymers. Fundamental advances in these areas have the potential to result in high performance and adaptive material systems that can be manufactured rapidly and in large quantities, with applications to areas including sound and vibration management, signal processing, and resilient infrastructure.

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